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The French initiative on Palestine: posturing, or trying to break the deadlock?

Op-Ed by Joseph Bahout — The Mark News — Of all contemporary conflicts, the Israeli–Palestinian one is probably the most enduring and resistant to any resolution attempt. The conflict, more than a century old, started well before World War I and weighed heavily on international relations in a heated and dangerous […]

Reading, Writing and Reproduction: Danish Sex Education Includes Lessons on Fertility

Op-Ed by Josephine Obel —The Mark News— It has gained global attention that sex education in Denmark will now focus on fertility as well as avoiding unwanted pregnancies. The background for this change is that 25 percent of couples wishing to have a baby do not achieve pregnancy within the […]

Snow Blocks Traffic on Central Highway

Snow Blocks Traffic on Central Highway

The central highway between Lima and the Andean towns of La Oroya and Huancayo was opened again early Tuesday morning, after a heavy snowfall ground traffic to a halt for over six hours between Km 124 and Km 132, in the Ticlio area at 4,800 meters above sea level (15,700ft). A […]

Full Auto Pilot: Is It Really Necessary to Have a Human In The Cockpit?

Op-Ed by Mary Cummings and Alexander Stimpson — The Mark News — The recent Germanwings disaster has once again reminded us that human pilots are not always failsafe. One only has to look back as far as 2012 to find examples of unruly pilots being subdued by passengers, and of course […]