Celebrations for Machu Picchu anniversary ready to begin

Celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu are ready to begin on Saturday, the head of the commission responsible for organizing the festivities, Ricardo Vega, said.

“We are all ready, even though there are always last minute logistical difficulties, but I think they can be overcome,” state news agency Andina reported Vega as saying. “We feel happy with the team of workers and the coordination with the Cuzco authorities.”

The celebrations of American historian and explorer Hiram Bingham’s rediscovery in 1911 of the ancient Machu Picchu ruins, which are today Peru’s top tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will begin with a photo exhibition called Remembrance of Machu Picchu.

Activities will be held until July 9 and include a gastronomy festival, cultural contests and the recognition of local citizens.

“It is a very nice and diverse program,” Vega said.

The main celebration will be held July 7. The principal show, Machu Picchu: history and tribute to a world wonder, will be held that evening from 6-10pm and include a light show and performance by the Andean Symphony Orchestra of Cusco.

“The ideal is to go to Cuzco because the public will be able to appreciate in real time… the main ceremony, which will be transmitted on giant screens installed in different plazas,” Vega said. “Later, the public can enjoy various artistic and cultural shows.”

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