Keiko Fujimori Recognizes Crimes in Father’s Administration

Leading presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori said she recognized that corruption and other crimes were committed during her father’s administration in the 1990s.

Keiko_campaign_posterThe comments, reported by Peru’s local media, is seen as an attempt by Fujimori to distance herself from the presidency of her father, Alberto Fujimori, in the run up to next year’s presidential election.

Supporters of the elder Fujimori have long argued that errors were committed during his administration, but don’t believe he should be locked up in prison for human rights violations and corruption.

That position, however, contributed to Keiko Fujimori’s defeat in the 2011 election against Ollanta Humala, Peru’s current president.

As Fujimori leads the field of candidates ahead of the 2016 vote with about 30 percent support, many analysts say she is trying to present a new democratic image by distancing herself from her father’s administration.

“Like I’ve recognized the wise moves, I also recognize that grave errors and crimes were committed during the government of Alberto Fujimori,” she said, according to daily Peru.21.

“The gravest error [of Alberto Fujimori] was to maintain Vladimiro Montesinos until the end of his government,” she said, referring to her father’s shadowy spy chief who is also serving a prison term for corruption and human rights violations.

Fujimori said that her government would be “firm against corruption.”

The 40 year old US-educated politician also ruled out running for re-election if elected to office. Peru’s constitution bars presidents from holding office for two consecutive terms.

Other candidates for president include former prime minister and finance minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, former presidents Alan Garcia and Alejandro Toledo, and Cesar Acuna, a businessman and politician from Peru’s northern La Libertad region.

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  1. Remember she was part of his administration and took over after her mother was thrown out as garbage. She was corrupt and will be even more if elected President. We don’t need any more crooks running the already corrupt government.

  2. unanimous Gonzales says:

    Who is she, you Keiko? It helps, if you help readers know is “she”.. It would be some fresh air, if Peru gets new blood, and younger candidates
    to run the country in great need of helping the poor, but, that will
    not happened until 100 years from now, after realizing, that some
    politicians are too greedy and narcissists. And one ex-President is
    visiting “Peru”? The best for a country abused by foreigners and now
    their own kind. God saved from predators.

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