Oil spill affects community in northern Peru

An oil spill in a northern Peruvian quarry has reportedly contaminated more than 10,000 square meters affecting a nearby community and its fresh water supply. According to CNR radio, the oil spill occurred Wednesday morning in the China Linda quarry, which is part of the Yanacocha mine owned by Colorado-based Newmont.

The former lieutenant governor of the Totoracocha community, Néstor Cueva, said local residents believe the source of the spill came from the Ángeles Construction and Mining Company, which provides services in the Yanacocha mine. He said the spill occurred about 300 meters from the Totoracocha Lake, endangering some 4,000 of the lakes trout.

“All of this fuel is seeping into the Totorococha lake,” Radio San Borja reported Cueva saying. “The water in the lake is used for human and animal consumption.”

Radio San Borja also reported the general manager of the La Pajuela Company, Segundo Castrejon, saying nine workers involved in the sites cleanup were taken to a hospital or clinic to be treated for poisoning.

The Yanacocha mine has reportedly requested an investigation to determine the cause of the oil spill.

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