Tourism Minister: Peru among top 10 global tourism destinations

Peru has been included among the top 10 global tourism destinations according to a survey, state news agency Andina reported Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Martín Pérez as saying.

According to a survey titled Country Brand Index, Peru was ranked among the top 10 tourist destinations with regards to culture and art, natural beauty and archaeology, said Pérez.

“There are different categories within tourism that include culture, art, natural beauty, and archaeology, among others, where we are among the world’s top 10,” said Pérez. “Without a doubt, that is a challenge.”

Peru ranked third in the art and culture category, he added.

Tourism is one of Peru’s largest sources of revenue, and the 15th century Machu Picchu Inca citadel is the main attraction.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the UNESCO World Heritage Site attracted more than 850,000 tourists in 2008.

Access to the site was blocked off in late January when torrential rainfalls washed away the railway and blocked roads into the citadel.

Partial repairs have been made to the infrastructure, and the site reopened at the beginning of April.

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  1. FJ Thompson says:

    Isn’t CUISINE part of the incredible culture of Peru!
    Everyone talks about the food that they had in Peru!

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