At Least 22 Die in Peru Bus Accident On Andean Road

Another bus accident on a road in Peru’s Andean highlands has left a large number of passengers dead and many others injured, daily Peru.21 reported Monday.

An inter-provincial bus, reportedly belonging to the Civa transport company, tumbled 250 meters off a mountain road in the northern region of Piura. At least 22 people were killed in the accident, while 15 others are badly injured, Peru.21 reported. 

The accident occurred early Monday when the driver lost control going around a sharp corner.

Similar bus accidents occur regularly on Peru’s Andean roads. In September, 14 people were killed in a similar accident in southern Peru, according to local media reports at the time.

While the roads are often in bad state, the conditions are made worse by reckless or inexperienced drivers and vehicles that are old and poorly maintained.

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  1. I do not recommend this company – recently found out that the staff works together to cheat passengers out of money.

    We took this bus from Lima to Mancora and to begin with, the service was horrible – the attendant was rude the entire ride and didnt care about his job or take it seriously.

    When we arrived in Mancora, the attendant requested all the remotes from each person`s individual TV an

    d unfortunately my remote was somehow missing. As it is an overnight bus, I had fallen asleep and woken up to a missing remote.

    The attendant then refused to let us get off the bus unless we paid him 50 soles for the remote. I said I would gladly pay if they showed me where it said the cost of the item and the terms if a passenger damages one. However, they attendant said that it is not written anywhere but that it is the way they operate. Please note that my remote had duck tape all over it and didn’t work to begin with.

    The attendant then called the manager of the bus station in Mancora who also insisted that we pay 50 soles to the attendant for the missing remote, blatantly accusing us that we stole the remote. Why of earth would I want to steal a broken remote from a bus!!??

    To make a very long story short, the police were called who said that they would let us leave if we paid 40 soles, then 30 soles…clearly they were trying to bargain with us and were all in on the same trick.

    I paid 20 soles just for them to let us go, only to find out that my friend caught the attendant counting the remotes and removing all but 19 from the box before showing us that one was missing.

    On the way back, they recognized us when we went to ask what time the bus departed for back to Lima, and they told us to be there at 6 PM. When we arrived to take the bus at the indicated time, the lady said the bus had left at 5:30 and we had missed it. Of course we were extremely upset and asked why she told us to be there at 6 pm and she outright said “I never said 6 pm”.

    I am Peruvian and speak Spanish, clearly I didnt just imagine it.

    The lady refused to give us our money back because they had given us the wrong time for the bus and then tried to upsell us on another bus which cost half of what we had paid.

    We aren`t wealthy people, just young adults who live in Peru and work really hard to earn our money. Losing 70 dollars because a woman didnt like us was not easy and since we had to work the day after, we had to catch a ride to Piura and take a 130 dollar flight home to Lima.

    Chapter two: I met someone yesterday and we were discussing or recent experiences going to Mancora and they mentioned they had also taken Civa and had a bad experience.

    You can probably guess what happened…. they fell asleep, woke up and the remote was gone. The attendant tried to charge them money for the remote, called the lady from the station over, then called the police and the rest is history.

    The buses in Civa are great, however the service and its employees obviously have their own business going screwing over the passengers – and why not, they are clearly getting away with it!

    • Peruvian Times says:

      We suggest that you file a complaint with the consumer protection agency, INDECOPI, with PromPeru, and also with the Tourism division of the Police Force.

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