Congresswoman Nancy Obregón’s former assistant arrested for cocaine possession

Congresswoman Nancy Obregón’s former assistant, Max Edmundo Caller Váldez, was busted for cocaine possession last Friday, and police suspect he is tied to a Mexican drug cartel, daily El Comercio reported.

Caller, 42, who worked for Obregón from 2006 to 2007, was arrested in Lima’s district of Los Olivos, as he and two other accomplices were driving a car loaded with 149 kilograms of cocaine to an unknown destination.

Obregón, a member of the Union for Peru party and one of the top leaders of the National Confederation of Coca Growers, was elected to Congress in 2006.

“I have no ties to Caller whatsoever,” said Obregón, who was held by National Police on an arrest warrant in 2005, after she and fellow cocalero leader Elsa Malpartida failed to show up for a sentencing hearing on charges they incited riots during cocalero strike in Tingo Maria in May 2004.

“Everyone is honest until they stop being honest,” added Obregón, who insists Caller had no criminal record when he was hired.

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