Film caravan to visit towns along Peru-Bolivia border

A traveling film caravan sponsored by the European Union and the Andean Community of Nations, or CAN, is to visit towns located along the Peru-Bolivia border through September.

The caravan, to launch its tour from Puno on July 6, 2009, will travel through 40 Peruvian and Bolivian towns, reported daily El Comercio.

Films to be featured include Peruvian Fabrizio Aguilar’s “Paper Dove” and Josué Mélendez’s “Days of Santiago,” Bolivian Juan Carlos Valdivia’s “American Visa,” and Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier’s Bardem’s documentary “Invisibles.”

Sponsored by Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF, Bardem brought together five renowned directors to make short films that highlight five neglected humanitarian crises taken from MSF’s yearly “Top Ten” list of underreported humanitarian stories. The resulting film, “Invisibles”, won a recent Spanish Goya award for best documentary.

All films will be shown free of charge as part of a program designed to encourage civil participation in the CAN’s regional integration process.

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