Telecoms regulator fines Telefónica $1.39 million

Peruvian telecoms regulator Osiptel will fine Telefonica del Peru – a subsidiary of the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica – 3.94 million soles ($1.39 million) to a case dating back to 2001, state news agency Andina reported.

Osiptel said the fine totaling 1,097 UIT – a tax unit currently worth 3,600 soles – is the largest it has handed down to a company.

Telefonica del Peru was fined for six infractions, including three that were aimed at sabotaging the telecommunications connections of competitor AT&T Peru, which is now owned by Telmex del Peru.

AT&T had made the accusations in 2001 and in July 2002 Osiptel said the accusations were justified.

However in October 2002, Telefónica appealed Osiptel’s fines with Peru’s judiciary, which only recently made its final decision.

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