Head of Chilean Cult Found Dead in Cusco

The head of a Chilean cult accused of killing a newborn baby has been found dead in the Peruvian city of Cusco, local and international media reported.

Ramon Castillo’s body was found alone in a house in Cusco, where he reportedly hanged himself, according to Peruvian daily El Comercio.

“Apparently, he has committed suicide. His identity matches the fingerprints sent to us by Chilean Interpol,” the BBC reported Cusco police general Javier Avalos as saying.

Castillo had reportedly been on the run for the past two months. As a leader of a cult, he was accused of killing a three-day old baby girl in Chile, convincing the mother that the baby had to be thrown into a bonfire because she was the anti-Christ.

The mother and two other individuals from the cult are under arrest in Chile.

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