Health Minister provides compensation worth $280,000 for mother of child infected with HIV

Health Minister Oscar Ugarte handed over a check worth 800,000 soles (approximately $280,000) on Monday to a woman whose child was infected with HIV while receiving treatment at a hospital in Peru, state news agency Andina reported.

Carmen Guevara’s youngest child was infected with HIV in 2004 during a blood transfusion at Peru’s National Prenatal Institute (INMP).

A civil court in Lima ruled in 2009 that the government should compensate Guevara 800,000 soles. The sum is the highest awarded in Peru for a case where an individual has been infected with HIV while at a public hospital, RPP radio station previously reported.

Guevara’s child is one of five people who will likely receive compensation, Ugarte said Monday.

“The ministry is not inactive in these situations,” Ugarte was quoted as saying. “Four people from a group of five have now received compensation and we are only waiting for the father of a youth if he will accept the funds.”

“There is a second group that has recently been investigated and in the upcoming days we will formalize a resolution to proceed with a payment,” he added.

Treatment for the child will also be provided by the State.

“The treatment for HIV is guaranteed for the child. In Peru, [the health ministry] provides this service for everyone that is ill, regardless of how they were infected,” Ugarted said.

Guevara has said she will use the money to invest in improving the living conditions for her child.

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