Landslide buries 30 in Peruvian highland village of Winchomayo

A landslide caused by torrential rain showers has left at least 10 miners dead and 20 others missing in the highland village of Winchomayo, located in the department of Puno, approximately 750 kilometers from Lima.

So far, 10 people have been confirmed dead and 20 others are still missing — most likely buried alive by mud, stone and debris — reported daily El Comercio on Tuesday.

“The landslide has buried everything on its path,” said Minera Winchomayo’s General Administrative Manager, Carlos Matín. “Not a single home has been left standing, the whole village has been buried by stones.”

Heavy rains continue to hamper rescue efforts in Winchomayo, home to Minera Winchomayo, a small gold mining cooperative. Only 10 bodies have been recovered so far. The village is located a three-hour truck ride plus a nine-hour walk from the nearest health center, or village.

“We need medicine, tents, and qualified personnel to retrieve the victims’ bodies,” said Puno Congressman Tomás Cenzano in comments to Radio Radio Programas.

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