Mulanovich wins Australia’s Gold Coast surfing prize

Sofia Mulanovich, Peru’s champion surfer, won Australia’s Roxy Pro Gold Coast prize on Saturday, March 1, after a long day of winning performances on wave after wave.

“The final started out kind of slow, but I got a good score midway and from then on, I started pushing my surfing out there,” Mulanovich told Drift Magazine. “My board felt really good out there and when I caught that last wave, I knew that Sam (Samantha Cornish of Australia) was going to need a lot to catch me. So stoked.”

Held in Manly, this was the opening event in the 2008 Women’s World Title of the Association of Professional Surfers. Mulanovich, who is now leading in the rating for this year, won the title in 2004 and was world runner-up last year.


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