Peru obudsman makes recommendations to improve access to justice system

Ombudsman Beatriz Merino presented on Wednesday recommendations to the new president of the Supreme Court, Cesar San Martin, to improve access to the justice system for Peruvians.

Among the main recommendations is to accelerate trial processes. According to Merino, there are currently 9,000 investigations awaiting to be resolved before the courts.

Merino also called for more trials for human rights abusers. The ombudsman’s office – the Defensoria del Pueblo – has been following 194 cases since 2004, but a ruling has been given in only 23 cases, which included 10 convictions.

Human Rights Watch recently said the prosecution of Peruvian security forces for human rights abuses during the country’s internal conflict have been disappointing.

“Given the landmark significance of the [Alberto] Fujimori conviction, prosecutions in other human rights cases from the armed conflict period have had disappointing results, with convictions trailing behind the number of acquittals,” the organization said in a report.

Other recommendations proposed by Merino include improving judicial response to priorities such as social conflicts, sexual violation of minors, and violence against women.

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