Peru’s President Alan Garcia seeks new candidate for Comptroller General

President Alan Garcia is seeking a new Comptroller General, said Premier Yehude Simon on Monday, just days after Garcia’s previous nominee, Ingrid Suarez, was caught stretching the truth about an engineering degree she supposedly obtained from Spain’s Oviedo University.

“It’s a shame,” said Simon in comments to Radio Programas, RPP, “because she was a good professional. She stupidly lied about a degree that she didn’t earn and has caused great harm to herself and her country.”

Suarez was nominated on Jan. 21 this year – with 18 votes in favor and 10 against – during a congressional session in which numerous members of the opposition questioned the authenticity of her engineering degree.

Prior to her nomination, she had been selected and approved by an evaluation committee, formed by distinguished scholars and personalities such as Richard Webb, a former president of Peru’s Central Bank, Cecilia Blondet of the Institute of Peruvian Studies, and Father Gastón Garatea, a member of Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“There was no reason to verify her (engineering degree),” said Garatea, “because it wasn’t a prerequisite for the position.” According to Webb, the committee concentrated on Suarez’ qualifications as an accountant and auditor and left other documents to be checked by the office of the Premier.

After verification that Suarez never obtained an engineering degree from Spain’s Oviedo University – she had almost completed the full studies program online but lacked final courses to obtain the degree – Congress repealed her nomination. Suarez now faces criminal charges.

“I have been called a liar and people say that I have forged documents,” said Suarez in comments to Radio Radio Programas, RPP. “The only thing I can do is try to move forward.”

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