Peruvian university student creates successful iPhone application for pisco-based cocktails

Peruvian electronic engineering student William Muro has created a successful iPhone application for 47 of the tastiest Pisco-based cocktails, reported daily El Comercio on Tuesday.

“I got the idea when I realized that there was not a single Peruvian application for the iPhone or for the iPod Touch,” said Muro.

Muro, 19, completed his application last January, and then contacted Apple Co., to commercialize it via the Apple Store. His application, titled “Peruvian Pisco: recipes to enjoy this great drink,” has been available to iPhone users worldwide since Feb. 16. So far, it has been downloaded more than 4,000 times.

“The truth is that I really didn’t expect such a quick response, but I’m very happy about it, especially since my application is about pisco,” added Muro, who plans to develop two additional applications to feature Peruvian gastronomy and tourism.

Like vodka to Russians and tequila to Mexicans, Pisco – a grape brandy born in the fertile Peruvian desert more than four centuries ago – is more than a traditional drink in Peru. It’s a symbolic cultural icon of Peruvian pride and heritage.

Derived from the Quechua word for “little bird,” pisco is distilled from fresh grapes, is transparent or slightly yellowish, and has been described as a “rousing pick-me-up” by Peruvian author Ricardo Palma. Pisco production, which has been passed from generation to generation, is a ritual in many families.

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