Peru police bag haul of cocaine in Puno, drugs were camouflaged in coffee shipment

Peru police seized over 19 kilos of high-quality cocaine stashed among a truckload of coffee bags in the southern highland department of Puno, state news agency Andina reported Friday.

Police arrested Cristóbal Coaquira Quispe, 33, Juan Mamani Condori, 42, and Regina Quispe Coaquira, 30. The three individuals were travelling with a 9-year child aboard a truck registered to the “San Ignacio Ltda” coffee cooperative.

Stopped over for a formality, officers searched the truck – on its way to Bolivia – when they noticed that the occupants seemed extremely nervous.

They then found 20 tightly-packed bags of cocaine, and 22,600 soles, or $7500, hidden among the coffee bags.

Tricks to carry drugs from Peru to neighboring countries are varied and ingenuous. Cocaine is often hidden among coffee bags, a measure that prevents the loot to be whiffed by even the best of sniff dogs.

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