Peruvian police dogs sniff out more than 4 tons of cocaine destined for Italy

Police showed off more than four metric tons of cocaine Sunday, seized a day earlier in the port of Callao after drug-sniffing dogs identified the drugs hidden in a shipment of bentonite, a mineral clay used to make bricks.

The 4.3 tons of cocaine was recovered from four cargo containers in 219 plastic bags, mixed in with a 64-ton bentonite shipment being sent to Italy by a Peruvian woman identified as Edith Nelly Flores Garcia, El Comercio reported.

Peruvian Police and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents reportedly had been keeping tabs on Flores, who had send a similar bentonite shipment to Holland last year. Police Gen. Octavio Salazar said two men, a Peruvian and a Colombian, were also arrested with Flores on Friday.

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