Center-Right Parties Propose Journalist Lombardi for Defensoria del Pueblo

Peru’s center-right Popular Christian Party and Alianza por el Gran Cambio party (PPC-APP) said Wednesday that they would nominate journalist Guido Lombardi to lead the Defensoria del Pueblo, the office of the national ombudsman.

Lombardi is a well-known journalist that works for the nation-wide RPP radio station. He was rumored as a potential candidate to lead the Defensoria del Pueblo earlier this year, however lawmakers instead chose to nominate Pilar Freitas, a card-carrying member of former President Toledo’s Peru Posible party. Freitas’ nomination faced a lot of backlash over corruption allegations.

Freitas was nominated to the Defensoria del Pueblo at the same time that Congress also nominated new members to Peru’s highest court, the Constitutional Tribunal, and to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru’s board of directors.

The Constitutional Tribunal nominations were also highly criticized at the time.

New nominations for the Constitutional Tribunal from the PPC-APP are jurists Raul Ferrero Costa, Domingo Garcia Belaunde, Alfonso de los Heros, Teofilo Idrogo Delgado and Ernesto Blume.

For the central bank, the parties proposed economists Miguel Palomino, Elmer Cuba, Gustavo Yamada, Luis Malaga and Javier Escobar.

Lawmakers have until next week to submit nominations for the three institutions.

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