Group Seeks Peru Move on FTAs with India, Russia, Others

Peru’s private sector is calling for the government to push forward on new free trade agreements, with countries such as India, state news agency Andina reported.

Peru’s private-sector export society, ComexPeru, said the government should give a push to advance talks for FTAs with India, Turkey, Israel, Russia and Middle-Eastern countries. It said that trade deals with these countries would give a boost to non-traditional exports, which include manufactured goods.

India has sent a request to Peru to start talks for an FTA, but Comex says that the government has not acted on it.

“Peru’s inaction on this proposal from India, which would open an immense market… shouldn’t wait any longer. Peruvian entrepreneurs, exporters and workers can’t lose this opportunity,” Comex said.

Peru already has free trade pacts with its biggest trading partners – the United States, China and the European Union. It also has bilateral deals with countries such as Canada and Japan.

In addition, Peru is participating in talks for several multilateral agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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