Humala will look to relocate Alberto Fujimori to different prison

Peru’s next government will look to move ex-President Alberto Fujimori to a regular prison from his cell at the Barbadillo prison at the headquarters of the police’s Special Operations Unit (Diroes), daily La Republica reported.

“Diroes is definitely not the appropriate center for a person that has committed this crimes that are so grave,” said Omar Chehade, a vice presidential running mate for Ollanta Humala.

“It is most likely that the former president will be moved to an… ad hoc prison for a person that has committed grave crimes,” Chehade said.

Fujimori is currently serving 25 years for human rights abuses and corruption committed during his 1990-92 administration. Critics have claimed that he has enjoyed special privilages at the prison.

Humala has claimed victory over Fujimori’s daughter, 36-year-old Congresswoman Keiko Fujimori, in the presidential run off vote on June 5.

Official results from election authority ONPE, with 91.64% of the ballots counted, showed Humala ahead of
Fujimori with 51.48% support versus 48.52% support, respectively.

He is expected to assume office on July 28 and will replace outgoing President Alan Garcia.

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  1. incawarrior says:

    I personally am convinced that Mr Vargas Llosa’s involvement in politics as well as that of Toledo are going to affect Peru’s hard earned prosperity. Perú at this moment does not need a ex tinhorn colonel (humala) with a dark and dubious past to run the country. In the long term the country will ba another Venezuelan satellite and Mr Vargas knows this. Mr Vargas Llosa’s long standing vendetta towards Alberto Fujimori will no doubt affect the country. Our Nobel prize winner as well as his wannabe son should should avoid politics, the former should resume writing books and the latter to getting a decent job and stop living off his father.

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