Inter-provincial bus loses control on remote mountain road and plunges into abyss

An inter-provincial bus carrying 35 passengers lost control on a remote mountain road in the Ayacucho department and plunged into an abyss, state news agency Andina reported.

Police officer Vladimir Gómez said the accident occurred early Tuesday morning in Ayacucho’s La Mar province. The bus was registered to the Cholito Bus company. It was traveling from the town of Huamanga in Ayacucho to Pichari district in the department of Cuzco.

He said the number of fatalities is still unknown.

“The area where the accident occurred is almost three hours from (the town of) San Francisco and communication is very difficult,” said Gómez. “Currently, 15 injured people have been taken to the hospital in the district, of which some will be transferred to Huamanga for their seriousness. But, we cannot give an exact number of deaths.”

Gómez was unable to give the exact cause of the accident. He said, however, that it could have been due to heavy rainfall in the area.

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