Peru woman dies after inadvertantly swallowing homeopathic cancer medicine mixed with liquid cocaine

A teenager’s plan to smuggle cocaine to Italy and use the illicit payoff to cover her mother’s treatment for stomach cancer couldn’t have gone more awry Wednesday after she hid the drugs in bottles of homeopathic medicine that her mother took, causing an agonizing and fatal overdose.

Yanire Julia Anda Reynaldo, 18, allegedly panicked and stashed the liquified cocaine in three homeopathic medicine bottles in her home after immigration officials at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport refused to let her board a charter flight to Italy because she carried only a one-way ticket, Radio Programas radio reported.

Unaware that the contents of the flasks had been laced with cocaine, María Reynaldo Rojas, 40, drank the lethal cocktail, which immediately caused her body to convulse from intense pain. She was rushed to a local hospital emergency room by her daughter, but shortly after the women went into cardiac arrest and doctors were unable to revive her.

After the autopsy determined that Reynaldo Rojas died from a drug overdose, Peruvian National Police searched her home in Lima’s impoverished Comas district and discovered the cocaine mixed with the homeopathic remedy.

The young woman was arrested and taken to the National Police Anti-drug Agency headquarters, or Dirandro, where she was charged with drug trafficking and homicide, daily El Comercio reported on its Web site.

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