Sunat Confiscates Colonial-Era Coins En Route to Spain

Officials from tax agency Sunat confiscated 80 colonial-era coins that were going to be sent by mail to Spain, according to daily Gestion.

Authorities confirmed that the silver coins were from the 17th and 18th centuries, according to the report.

Sunat detected the coins when it reviewed a parcel that declared it was sending coins, without providing further details.

Silver coins intercepted by Peruvian authorities were on their way to Spain, allegedly sent by a suspected international gang that specializes in trafficking cultural patrimony.Sunat believes that the silver coins were being sent to Spain by an international gang that specializes in trafficking cultural heritage. The coins would then have been sold online to the highest bidder.

The coins have been handed over to the Ministry of Culture, while police are carrying out an investigation to identify the responsible individuals.

Peru’s rich history means that it is a prime target for traffickers of cultural objects, including textiles, ceramics, paintings and jewelry from the pre-Columbian, colonial and republican eras.

The Peruvian government has been carrying out an international campaign to repatriate cultural goods that have been abroad.

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