Hackers retaliate against Peru media

Three Peruvian newspapers have been targeted by supporters of “Cyber Alexis,” the alleged alias of César Alexis Atoche who was arrested by police on Dec. 30. A hacker called Sdm, of the Dark Mafia Group, posted messages on daily Ojo and daily Correo calling for authorities to “free Cyber Alexis.” Sdm added, “you protect the streets, leave the net to us.”

Hackers also erased the text of daily Expresos web page, leaving it blank. Expreso told Radio Programas radio they will need a day to recover their information.

The campaign against Peru’s media comes a week after 23-year-old Atoche was arrested in Lima’s Carabayllo district. Atoche is suspected of siphoning some $833,000 in online fraud and hacking into the Chilean Housing Ministry and Interior Ministry pages in 2005 and 2007 respectively. He is allegedly part of “Cyber Destroyers,” a group of 20 hackers turned “crackers.”

This isn’t the first time the Dark Mafia Group has targeted media. In August 2007, the group hacked into daily El Día, a regional Chilean newspaper.

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