Nine People Killed in Charter Plane Crash in Peru’s North Andes

A chartered plane carrying nine people crashed on Wednesday in the northern highlands of Peru’s La Libertad region, killing everyone on board.

The seven passengers were employees and contract workers of gold miner Minera Aurifera Retamas, or Marsa. The other two people on board were the pilot and co-pilot.

Marsa said in a statement that the plane, owned by Aero Transportes SA, was traveling from Lima to the town of Pias, in the province of Pataz, close to where it operates a mine.

“A team of rescuers immediately attended to the accident but unfortunately they have verified that there are no survivors,” Marsa said.

The accident occurred five minutes before landing in Pias, according to the company. Marsa said authorities and the airline firm are carrying out an investigation of the accident to determine its cause. However, local media has reported that the plane hit power lines.

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