Residents suspend protests over natural gas exports

Residents in the towns of Kiteni and Kepashiato in Cuzco deparmtent’s La Convención province have suspended protests over natural gas exports, according to reports in Peruvian media.

The decision to halt the demonstrations was made in order to establish a negotiating table on Monday, Aug. 9, newspaper La Republica reported.

The president of Cuzco department, Hugo Gonzales, said the protesters also want Peru’s government to repeal a state of emergency in the district of Echarate, which suspends some constitutional rights including the freedom to hold meetings and of movement.

The negotiating table will be created by the office of Prime Minister Javier Velásquez and include representatives from Peru’s ombudsman – the Defensoria del Pueblo – as well as the Peruvian Episcopal Conference.

According to daily El Comercio, Velásquez will travel to Kiteni on Monday to begin talks with protesters.

Local authorities and residents oppose exporting of natural gas, arguing that it should be used for internal demand.

Protests over the exports turned violent with numerous people injured and damage to infrastructure owned by Transportadora de Gas del Peru (TGP), which forms part of the Camisea Gas Consortium.

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