Alan García: Peru-Brazil relations at “highest and most creative point in history”

Peru President Alan García congratulated Brazil as the country celebrated 187 years of independence on Tuesday, and said that relations between the two countries were at their “highest and most creative point in history.”

South America’s giant is an “intimate friend” of Peru, and “we will build a future together,” said García, who told reporters that he has frequent telephone conversations with Brazilian President Lula da Silva, as well as with top executives of Brazilian state-run companies Petrobas, Electrobas.

“By stimulating strong and close human relations, we will drive the economic and cultural rapprochement of our two peoples,” García said.

Petrobas Energía Perú, a subsidiary of the Brazilian Petrobras, plans to invest in petrochemical projects in natural gas-rich Peru. García and his Brazilian counterpart have already signed a series of agreements that included commitments by Brazilian firms to study the feasibility of building new natural gas plants in the Andean country.

“I am sure that the strength of Petrobas, the giant of prospecting and exploration, will soon have a very satisfactory answer,” for Peru, said García, who also hopes to build a transoceanic railway spanning from Peru to Brazil.

“President da Silva has brought warmth, care and human closeness to politics and to his relations with his neighbors, such as Peru,” concluded García. “These qualities are the basis for trust and for the affection that bring our countries together.”

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