Four mudslides bury crops, animals and homes in Bongara and Chachapoyas

Unseasonaby heavy rains in Peru’s Amazon region have triggered four mudslides in the jungle provinces of Bongara and Chachapoyas, burying 15 homes, animals, and more than 50 hectares of cropland, daily El Comercio reported Thursday.

Approximately 80 head of cattle, sheep and more than 50 hectares of cropland were buried by the mud, which also caused blackouts and destroyed some roads, said José Zapata, Director of the Department of Amazonas’ Civil Defense Institute.

According to local residents, it is the first time torrential rains – and hail – were reported in the area. Heavy rains in April, well beyond the rainy season, are very unusual.

Peru’s Amazon region has an evident tropical climate, especially during the rainy season. From November to March – and especially in February – it rains almost every day, for various hours, often causing floods in low areas. At this time, travel becomes much harder: roads are often impassable, flights are frequently cancelled or delayed due to poor conditions, and landslides affect trains and bus routes.

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