Gana Peru names government transition team

President-elect Ollanta Humala’s Gana Peru party has named a team to help with the transition to government when he assumes office on July 28, CPN news service reported.

The 20-member team includes leading economists from former President Alejandro Toledo’s campaign that moved to support Humala after the first round vote.

Among the economists are the former president of the state-owned Banco de la Nacion, Kurt Burneo, the ex-head of tax agency Sunat, Luis Alberto Arias, the former president of the Central Bank, Oscar Dancourt, and former president of the Development Finance Corporation, Cofide, Daniel Schydlowsky, as well as Humberto Campodonico and Javier Iguiñiz.

Also included on the team are former mines and energy minister Carlos Herrera, former deputy energy minister and environmental specialist Ricardo Giesecke, the former head of the Arequipa chamber of commerce, Carlos Paredes, and the ex-president of the Peruvian association of consumers Aspec, Jaime Delgado.

Humala’s campaign chief Salomon Lerner Ghitis and the head of his original government plan, economist Felix Jimenez, are also included in the transition team, as well as Ketin Vidal, a former interior minister who was police chief  when Sendero Luminoso founder and leader Abimael Guzman was captured early in ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s regime.

The technical team, already making contact with the different government ministries and institutions, is responsible for drawing up a plan for the first 100 days of government. The plan is expected to focus on implementing social programs that were announced during the campaign, Schydolowsky said.

The plan will also include proposals for tax changes and infrastructure projects, he added.

Humala has proposed to implement a windfall tax on mining companies in order to get a bigger share of their strong profits from record high metal prices.

Humala will assume office on July 28 for a five-year term.

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