Knight Center Reports Two New Attacks on Peru Journalists

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas reported  two new cases Monday of threats against journalists in Peru.

The first incident involves the owner of a tourism business in the Amazon region who reportedly “burst into a church threatening the Catholic radio station Ucamara in the city of Nauta to stop interfering in his business,” the Knight Center said.

The owner’s threats followed reports by the station that the marinas operated by his business along the Marañon River were violating the rights of indigenous communities. The communities depend on the river for transportation, fishing and agriculture.

Meanwhile, during the weekend, a reporter from daily La Republica was shot and robbed in southern city of Juliaca.

“The attack against the reporter, Feliciano Gutiérrez Suca, …is assumed to be linked to the publication of stories the journalist had written about alleged bribery of police officers by smugglers” to allow them to smuggle goods along the border with Bolivia through Juliaca, according to the Knight Center.

Press freedom groups have been sounding the alarm against attacks against Peruvian journalists, often outside the major urban centers on the Peruvian coast.

The Knight Center is located at the University of Texas at Austin.

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