Regional government announces reforestation project in south-central Andes

The regional government of Huancavelica, located in Peru’s south-central Andes, announced today a tree-planting project covering 176 communities. The assistant manager of the government’s Environment and Protected Areas department, Mariela Espinoza, says the government will invest more than 5.5 million soles, approximately $2 million, to plant 1.3 million seedlings, state news agency Andina reported.

“The objective is to reforest 1,225 hectares, which will benefit 12,340 residents in the region,” says Espinoza. “The purpose is to recuperate eroded and diminished soil, and increase plant coverage in terrain suitable for forestry in Huancavelica.”

The reforestation project will include eucalyptus, pine, and tara tree seedlings. Tara is a small, leguminous tree native to Peru and is commonly used in the manufacturing of furniture leather. Tara is also a source of lumber and firewood, and has medicinal uses.

A 2009 report by Peru’s Environment Ministry found that deforestation resulted in the loss of approximately 150,000 hectares per year between 1990 and 2000. About half of Peru’s green house gas emissions are reportedly caused by deforestation. To tackle deforestation and mitigate climate change, Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture began a nationwide tree-planting project last January.

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