Van der Sloot confesses to Flores killing

Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot has confessed to killing 21-year-old university student Stephany Flores in his Lima hotel room last week, according to a report by daily El Comercio.

Van der Sloot, 22, said he killed Flores after returning to his hotel room from buying coffee on the morning of Sunday, May 30.

According to the report, the Dutch citizen was enraged to find Flores using his laptop when he returned. Van der Sloot punched Flores and then broke her neck, killing the University of Lima business administration student instantly.

Flores had reportedly found information on van der Sloot’s computer related to the case of US teenager Natalie Holloway.

Holloway, an Alabama high-school student on a graduation trip, went missing in Aruba exactly five years before the death of Flores. Van der Sloot was considered the prime suspect in Holloway’s death. He was arrested twice but never convicted.

Van der Sloot  is currently being held at Lima’s maximum security Miguel Castro Castro prison.  He fled Peru after the incident but was arrested four days later in Chile and returned promptly to Peru by the Chilean police.

According to criminal attorney Mario Amoretti in an interview with Peru.21, van der Sloot could be sentenced to as little as three to five years if found guilty of murder caused by violent emotion; if he is found guilty of premeditated murder, he could be convicted to anywhere between 15 to 35 years. 

Flores is the daughter of businessman Ricardo Flores, a former presidential candidate and well-known Caminos del Inca rally driver. Stephany had ridden as co-pilot with her father two years ago in the gruelling, cross-Andean rally.

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  1. Brenda Wood says:

    My deepest most heart felt sympathies to the family of Stephany Flores Ramirez. I hope that the passing of time will ease your pain.

    Brenda Wood
    Vincent, Alabama

  2. My condolences to Stephany’s family. I sincerely hope the justice system in Peru puts Joran in prison for a very long time. He intentionaly broke her neck to insure she would die. He deserves no mercy. It is hard for me to read she was killed over a lap top. He has spent the last 5 years talking to several reporters about his involvement in Natalee’s death so why would he be so upset that Stephany questioned him about it to the point of killing her? Joran reminds me of Ted Bundy, I think he just likes to kill.

  3. Joost, Amsterdam says:

    Great job of the Peruvian en Chilean police in capturing Joran van der Sloot. Amazed though about lack of respect for position of the suspect (show off with Van der Sloot with press), the leaking of police information (could lead to mis-trial) and the statement of Peruvian politicians on the trial (trias politica, politicians should not intervene in process of trail). Also worries on way of interogating of police force (human rights respected?). Hopefully Joran gets his punishment, if his guilt is proven before a court of law, but in a fair trial.

  4. “Three to five years for murder “CAUSED” by violent emotion”????

    Jesus! I thought we had a bunch of turbo-liberals here in the United States! Granting someone slack because they couldn’t or wouldn’t control their own temper? Whatever happened to self-accountability?

    Van Der Sloot’s late father – through his connections bought his son every benefit of any doubt no matter how slim or contrived. This poor excuse for a human being was spared any significant interrogation during the Holloway episode.

    If there was any real justice system in Aruba, Stephany Flores would be alive and breathing in Peru.

    Van Der Sloot should not be so fortunate in Peru. A simple viewing of the hotel security video clearly shows TWO entering the room and only ONE coming out. No amount of Aruba influence or currency can change this fact.

    As a neighbor of Natalee’s family, I appeal to the authorities in Lima and to Joran Van Der Sloot himself – please give the Holloway family some closure. Joran, they can only “hang” you once. Please be forthright with any information about the whereabouts of Natalee’s body.

    By the way – are the local authorities in Aruba paying close attention to the Kalpoes or any of Joran’s other former buddies? I’m sure those guys are starting to squirm a little.

    May justice finally be served!

    R. Blythe
    Birmingham, AL

  5. duffman in Calgary says:

    My thoughts are with Stephanies family. What a horrible thing to do and horrible thing for the family to have to go through. This guy deserves to be put in the general population of the prison they plan on sending him to.If the stories are correct regarding the corruption and the gangs that run there in Peru,and i was her father or one of her brothers i would make sure that a guard or a warden would receive a large gift or bonus if this person was ushered into the wrong holding area for say a couple of weeks and did not check up on him during that time. It would probably save them a long trial and the world will be a better place without him. I had better watch what i say as his mommy might come after me. What a spineless piece of crap this person and his family are. And to think that the FBI in the states financed this creeps trip to Peru.Are they responsible as well? The worst part is that two young beautiful woman died because of this piece of shit

  6. My condolences to the family of Stephany.
    I hope they never let Van der Sloot go. He is guilty, 100%, both murders are for his account. He is a liar, psychopath and killer.
    I am ashamed that he is Dutch too.

    The Netherlands.

  7. Bill Carson says:

    What they should do is tell Joran he is going to Lurigancho Prison in Peru which is the worst unless he tells about Natalie ! Joran and his Mom need to implicate the others in Aruba involved ! What happened to the Calpo brothers ? Are they still date raping teenagers on cruise boats ? How about that friend of Joran that had the boat ?

    The question should be asked about the United Nations getting involved with this Joran Van der Sloot . This is a case for a trial for crimes against humanity in several countries sponsored by Aruba . We need all the culprits that enabled this international murderer !

    The Peruvian Law of the Donkey is what should happen here !

  8. Esteban Bowers says:

    As a retired law enforcement officer I congratulate the police in their rapid arrest of Joran. Now the politicians have to back off and let the courts sentence him. He has admitted guilt. Do not let him go back to Aruba. No deals for a cold blooded killer. Put him into general population of the prison if he will not tell where he buried the girl. He will talk.

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