Clumsy crooks leave behind loot in botched holdup in northern Peru

Four scatterbrained robbers learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay… particularly if you make room in your getaway car by letting your victims out on the side of the road without first taking their money.

The four crooks, who have yet to be caught, car-jacked five shopkeepers from the northern coast city of Piura on Sunday as they left Aguas Verdes, a small and chaotic commercial town near Peru’s border with Ecuador, daily El Comercio reported. The robbers shot and wounded the merchant who was driving the auto, yanking him onto the side of the road before they tried to hop in.

But the small car was too cramped, so the robbers made room by throwing another shopkeeper out, then sped away.

When they finally stopped to shake down the remaining three hostages, the clumsy crooks realized they had booted out the man who was holding on to the hefty sum of cash.

Frustrated and probably feeling a bit silly, the four thieves darted away empty-handed.

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