Exports rise 17 percent in January to $2.85 billion

Peruvian exports in January totaled $2.85 billion, a 17 percent increase over the same month in 2010, state news agency Andina reported, citing figures from tax agency Sunat.

Traditional exports, which brought in $2.15 billion, increased 11.6 percent, while non-traditional exports grew 38.3 percent, the report said.

Among traditional products, the mineral shipments increased 11.2 percent to $1.68 billion, while oil and natural gas exports rose 44.7 percent to $342 million.

Agricultural exports increased 129 percent to $49 million and fishing shipments fell 50.1 percent to $78 million.

Non-traditional exports, which came to $683 million, included a 166 percent increase in shipments from the non-metallic mining sector, a 61.6% rise from the steel and metallurgical sector and a 20.3 percent climb from textiles.

The main destinations for the exports were the United States and China, at 16 percent each. Canada took in 10 percent, Switzerland 8 percent and Japan accounted for 6 percent of Peru’s exports.

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