Government Gets Rid of “Useless Red Tape”

Cabinet chief Fernando Zavala today announced a package of measures to eliminate “useless red tape” in administrative procedures, via a data bank interconnection between government institutions. The aim is to benefit individual citizens and small businesses, Zavala said.

“Many public entities ask you more than once for documents, like the DNI for example, certificates of police or court records and others that can cost you more than 100 soles, and you also waste time getting them,” Zavala added.

The measures include: a one-time only registration of personal data so that photocopies of different documents are no longer required every time a person deals with government institutions;  the first certified copy of a complaint filed with police is to be free and issued immediately; senior citizens will no longer need to renew a life certificate since all public institutions will be able to check data online with the national identity registry, Reniec; certificates of disability can be obtained at any Health center and no certificate will be required when the disability is obvious; and if a national identity card, DNI, is past its expiration date this does not impede the holder from carrying out administrative procedures.

Also, in an effort to simplify and lower formalization costs, Zavala said small and medium businesses will no longer be required to register worker contracts with the Ministry of Labor but instead will do so through the electronic payroll system.

The legislative decree, one of many the Executive will be issuing over the next month to disentangle the burdensome bureaucracy and boost the economy,  is to come into force on publication Nov. 10 in the official gazette, El Peruano.  The Congress granted the Executive 90 days to enact legislation on different aspects of the economy.

Government institutions have 60 days in which to implement the new procedures, including an interconnected data sharing system.

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