Huancavelica Govt Declares Emergency Due To Heavy Rains

A 60-day emergency was declared in Peru’s central-south Huancavelica region on Wednesday, due to the damages caused by intense rains and flooding, state news agency Andina reported.

Huancavelica’s Regional President, Maciste Diaz, said that 8 million soles (almost $3 million) will be available to the region to deal with the damage.

Diaz said that flooding of the Acobambilla river has affected 80 families.

“The river that crosses the city [of Huancavelica] flooded and caused 80 houses… to fall,” said Diaz. “It looked like there had been an earthquake.” Tents, clothes, food and blankets have been taken to the affected families.

Another 50 houses in Huancavelica were flooded by the Ichu river, while a nearby bridge also collapsed, the official said.

“The population is very alarmed, since the water in the Ichu river, in some areas, has risen over the bridges,” he said.

Diaz said that the rains have also damaged crops, while at the same time leaving some communities without communication.

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