Housing Minister: Peru’s construction sector to boost national economy and generate more than 350,000 jobs in 2009

Peru’s construction sector will become more dynamic during 2009’s first trimester, boosting the national economy and generating employment for thousands of Peruvians, Housing Minister Nidia Vilchez said Friday.

“We want the construction sector to keep growing and generate more employment in 2009,” said Vilchez. “With the government’s investment in projects such as Mejorando Mi Pueblo, we will generate close to 380,000 direct jobs, and 1.5 million indirect jobs.”

Vilchez, who said that the construction sector is to expand during the first trimester of 2009, called on regional and municipal authorities to contribute to the rapid execution of housing projects.

Almost 1,400 water and sanitation programs are ongoing as we speak, said Vilchez, and 554 more will be launched this year.

In December, Peru President Alan García presented an emergency $3.2 billion anti-crisis package, which seeks to boost public expenditure on infrastructure — including housing, irrigation and public works, highways and hospitals — and to stimulate private investment.

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