Peru and Ecuador sign unprecedented environmental cooperation agreement

Peru Environment Minister Antonio Brack Egg and his Ecuadorian counterpart Marcela Aguiñaga signed an unprecedented environmental cooperation agreement on Wednesday, to favor the joint monitoring and conservation of protected areas and the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.

“I believe that egoism cannot exist between two brother nations. Rather, we share what we have learned,” said Aguiñaga in comments to state news agency Andina. “Environmental issues will always be on the agenda, and it is very important that Latin American have a common agenda, especially when it comes to climate change.”

The agreement sets a foundation for a close collaboration between the two Andean countries, and includes specific issues such as the inventory of protected species, and the sustainable management and conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems. Peru and Ecuador are also to share information and coordinate actions aimed at preventing climate change, desertification and drought.

“As members of the Andean Community, we have similar goals and we are geared toward favoring the transfer of clean technology, environmental remediation, and the prevention and control of the illegal traffic of flora and fauna,” added Aguiñaga.

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