Peru expels Spanish citizen after he bites policeman and assaults three people

A Spanish “businessman” who twice made Peruvian headlines by assaulting three people, taking a bite out of a policeman’s arm and smashing his Porsche into another car was expelled from the country as an undesirable, National Police chief Octavio Salazar said Thursday.

“The Spanish citizen was escorted to Peru’s border with Ecuador for illegally overstaying his visa, just like it is done with Peruvians when they commit irregularities in other countries,” Salazar told reporters.

Pedro Acevedo Reyes, 25, was thrown out of the country late Wednesday night after two run-ins with Peruvian police.

On June 11, an out of control and drunken Acevedo allegedly beat up a taxi driver and two Italian teachers from an international school in Lima’s posh La Molina district. Later, with the help of two body guards, he escaped from a police station. Police said he bit the arm of the officer who caught up with him and that he also lied to authorities, claiming to be the son of a Spanish diplomat, to avoid arrest. He was charged with assault and disrupting public order, and was briefly jailed.

A week later, again inebriated, Acevedo crashed his $120,000 silver Porsche into an auto driven by an architect, Álvaro Privat Zimmerman’s. As traffic ground to a halt on the busy avenue, Acevedo reportedly jumped out of his vehicle and proceeded to pummel Privat, blaming him for the damage to his car.

Acevedo drove luxury cars, was usually escorted by personal bodyguards and, according to daily Peru21, was well known by Lima’s elite. But he was unable to satisfactorily explain how he paid for his ostentatious lifestyle, or his 58 flights in and out of the country, usually shuttling to Holland. He claimed to be a businessman, but was in Peru on a tourist visa.

Acevedo’s brother, Diego Acevedo Reyes, was arrested by Peru police June 8 when he was caught at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine to Spain.

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