Peru swine flu deaths top 40, Health Ministry confirms 164 new cases

Peru Health Minister Oscar Ugarte reported Friday that the AH1N1 flu virus claimed its 40th fatality, a 3-year old child with Down syndrome and suffering from leukemia, and confirmed 164 new cases across Peru.

According to Ugarte, the latest victims – including the 3-year old child, a 66-year old woman suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, a 48-year old woman with diabetes, and a 30-year old morbidly obese man – were all at-risk patients.

In addition to the deaths, 164 new cases were detected, including 64 in Lima, 28 in Lambayeque, 20 in Arequipa, 19 in Junín, 8 in Puno, 5 in La Libertad and 4 in Ancash.

At July 31, 2009, the virus, declared a global pandemic last month by the World Health Organization, WHO, had infected 162,380 and caused 1,154 deaths worldwide.

In Peru, 5,304 people have so far been infected by the swine flu. Of these, 4,598 have been released from the hospital after receiving treatment.

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