Subcommittee to recommend investigation of ALBA cultural centers

Legislators conducting a preliminary investigation into the financing of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, ALBA, cultural centers will reportedly recommend to Congress a larger probe to determine the influence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Peru’s internal affairs.

The congressional subcommittee’s head, lawmaker Rolando Souza, will request Congress’ Foreign Relations Commission create an investigative delegation with subpoena powers to summon ALBA members for questioning and authority to review their financial transactions.

Members of Souza’s subcommittee believe that the ALBA cultural centers are tools of Chavez to promote a regional revolution rather than provide humanitarian assistance. “The Executive has recently become aware of the political danger of these organizations, which are ideologically infiltrating the country,” Sousa was quoted saying by El Comercio.

ALBA’s activities have been viewed with suspicion in Peru because of its ties to the Venezuelan and Cuban governments. In late 2007, a congressional subcommittee questioned the Cuban, Nicaraguan, Bolivian and Venezuelan ambassadors about ALBA activities.

Renowned author and former presidential candidate Mario Vargas Llosa also expressed concern that Chavez has a hand in the ALBA offices. In an article published in El Comercio today, Vargas Llosa called the centers “active bulbs of revolutionary propaganda whose objective is to undermine … the democratic system and win over supporters.”

However opposition leader Ollanta Humala said the allegations are a witch hunt and accused the government of labeling political opponents violent and anti-Peruvian.

“The government should be more coherent,” Agencia Andina reported Humala saying. “If they have proof they should say it and break relations with Venezuela.”

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