U.S. returns money traced to ex-Peruvian army general convicted of embezzlement

The U.S. has returned more than $750,000 in funds seized from U.S. accounts held by former Peruvian Gen. Marco Antonio Rodriguez Huerta – convicted in Peru for embezzlement and other related crimes.

Although the funds were restored to Peru last July, the U.S. only made the operation’s success public last week, during a special ceremony in Washington.

At Peru’s request, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, agents in Miami tracked down the private accounts held by Huerta.

Huerta, who is currently serving a 15-year sentence, was convicted in 2002 for shifting funds set aside for retired police and military officers into fraudulent real estate deals, and then transferring the proceeds to U.S. banks.

“The U.S. will not be a hiding ground for fraudulent proceeds,” said ICE National Security Department Sub director John Morton. “The ICE promises to investigate, identify and seize illegally obtained funds held by foreigners.”

“The return of these funds to Peru will now duly benefit retired policemen and soldiers,” added Morton.

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