U.S.-based National Cancer Coalition donates half a million dollars worth of pharmaceuticals to Peru’s National Institute of Neoplastic Disease

The U.S.-based National Cancer Coalition has donated half a million dollars worth of medicines to Peru’s National Institute of Neoplastic Disease, or INEN, said Carlos Vallejos, director of the Andean country’s main cancer center.

“It is an honor for the National Cancer Coalition to donate these medicines to the INEN,” said an NCC spokesperson, Thomas Roane. “Our medical assistance program focuses on hospitals and doctors and medical products that make a difference in the lives of peoples who suffer from cancer.”

A ceremony was held Thursday in INEN’s auditorium, located in Lima’s San Borja district, during which NCC representatives officially handed-over medicines to assist Peru’s cancer patients. INEN Director Carlos Vallejos, U.S. ambassador Peter Michael McKinley, NCC President Robert Landry and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals representatives were in attendance.

The NCC has donated nearly $9 million to the INEN over the past five years, and the medicine donated this year will provide for treatment for leukemia patients in Peru.

“What we are celebrating today is special,” said McKinley, “it’s a light of hope for many cancer patients in Peru and shows that, via an alliance between truly compromised sectors, it is possible to obtain results in priority issues, such as health care.”

I also thank Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, added McKinley, for donating doses of two costly medicines for Peru’s cancer patients.

Wyeth donated Gemtuzumab ozogamicin, which it markets as Mylotarg and is used to treat acute myeloid leukemia in patients 60 years or older whose cancer has relapsed or who are not able to receive other chemotherapy, and Oprelvekin, the active ingredient in Neumega.

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