Humala in Santiago for Chile’s Presidential Inauguration

Humala and Felipe of Spain-Santiago

President Ollanta Humala, with Prince Felipe of Spain (l) and Uruguay President Jose Mujica (r) in Santiago for the presidential inauguration of Michelle Bachelet.

President Ollanta Humala is in Santiago, Chile Tuesday for the inaugural ceremony for incoming President Michelle Bachelet.

Humala joined other heads of state at a a dinner Monday hosted by outgoing Chilean President Sebastian Piñera late Monday, Peruvian state news agency Andina reported. The ceremony for the appointment of Bachelet to the presidency is being held at noon Tuesday and is expected to include presidents from throughout Latin America, as well as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Bachelet, a left-of-center politician, will become President for the second time following the center-right administration of Sebastian Piñera.

On Monday, President Humala met with United States Vice-President Joe Biden. Early Tuesday he had a meeting with Antonil Tajani, the vice-president of the European Commission for Industry and Spirit of Enterprise, before traveling with other heads of state north to Valparaiso, for the inauguration.    Humala is scheduled to have a private meeting with Bachelet later in the day, when both presidents are expected to touch on the implementation of the new maritime border and look to strengthen ties between the nations.

The International Court of Justice at The Hague issued a ruling in late January that established a new maritime border between Peru and Chile. Peru gained a large swath of Pacific Ocean, while Chile maintained control over waters that are rich in fish.

While Peru had celebrated the ruling and Chile had criticized it, both countries said that they would abide by the decision and implement the new boundary.

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