Peru chefs prepare 6.8-ton ceviche and snag Guinness world record

More than 400 Peru chefs, elbow deep in almost five tons of diced fish, two and a half tons of onions and three tons of lime juice, served up the world’s largest ceviche on Sunday, and reclaimed the Guinness world record Peru lost to Mexico in 2005.

The record-breaking ceviche, a citrus-“cooked” Peruvian seafood specialty, weighed in at approximately 6.8 tons, handily exceeding the 4.5-ton ceviche Mexico dished out in 2005.

Some 450 students and chefs worked in an open-air stadium in Callao, the port district of Peru’s capital, Lima, mixing the lime, ají peppers, salt and onions with the five tons of white fish they had spent the night cutting and cleaning.

Once the dish was finished, it was doled out in 14 giant metal containers and then weighed by Guinness authorities. The giant ceviche was certified at a total of 6.791 tons.

Approximately 5,000 Peruvians lined up outside the stadium for a taste of the world’s largest ceviche, a dish some historians say dates back to pre-Incan times.

This world record is not only very important for promoting tourism in El Callao, said local mayor Alex Kouri, but in all of Peru.

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