Peru woman handed 7-year prison sentence by Jordan court for drug trafficking

Sylvia Rondad, a 35-year old Peruvian woman charged with cocaine trafficking in Jordan, was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison by a high court in Amman, daily Peru21 reported Wednesday.

The promise of a fast buck quickly turned into a nightmare for Rondad, who was arrested last November by Amman International Airport anti-drug police after she complained of stomach pain. X-rays led police to discover that she had swallowed 143 cocaine capsules, each individually wrapped in latex balls.

Rondad was allegedly paid $3,000 to ingest and smuggle the drugs by two Peruvians she identified as “Carlos” and “María.”

Though the Amman court commuted her prison to half of the original 15-year sentence, Rondad has requested she be deported to Peru and allowed to serve her term in the Andean country.

In the past few weeks, Jordanian authorities foiled an attempt by a Bolivian man to smuggle 5 kilograms of cocaine, and sentenced two Argentine women to seven and a half years in prison, also for drug trafficking.

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