President Correa: Relations with Peru are “going extremely well”

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador finished an official visit to Peru on Thursday saying relations between the two Andean nations are as good as ever, state news agency Andina reported.

“At the level of bilateral relations things are going extremely well, we are going through one of the best moments in the history of [our] relations,” said Correa. “There is still much to go, but I think that the best is about to start.”

What units us is infinitely greater than any formal disagreement… and, that’s why, today we can proudly repeat that nothing, no traditional cravings, and no one, no arms dealers… can make us return to thoughts of territorial conflict that revived the fight between brothers.”

Bilateral relations between Peru and Ecuador reached a low point 15 years ago when a territorial dispute over the Cordillera del Cóndor, 48-miles of unmarked a dense cloud forest mountain range, became the center of the brief Cenepa war.

Former Argentinean President Carlos Menem was found to be illegally trafficking arms to Ecuador leading up to and during the 1995 war.

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