World Bank: combat Peru poverty with infant nutrition programs

A report by the World Bank on the relationship between social services and poverty levels in Peru is scheduled to be published tomorrow. ¨Social Protection in Peru: How to Improve Results for the Poor?¨ is expected to argue that infant chronic malnutrition is the best indicator of the country’s poverty. It is also expected to argue that improving infant nutrition is key to lowering Peru’s overall poverty level.

The World Banks director of Human Development for Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela and a co-author of the report, Daniel Cotlear, sat down for an interview with daily La República on Saturday.

According to Cotlear, social exclusion is preventing many people from enjoying Peru’s strong economic growth. ¨What should be the main concern is inclusive growth where those who are poor today, and their children, participate through health and education.¨

¨The idea is not to give money but instead the necessary resources so they know that children will grow up healthy. In Peru there is a lack of understanding of some poverty problems.¨ says Cotlear. ¨The problem that distinguishes Peru in terms of poverty is not education but malnutrition.¨

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