Amazon’s water level shows signs of recovery after reaching historic low

The Amazon River’s water level in Peru’s Loreto department is starting to show signs of recovery after the level had fallen to a historic low earlier this month, state news agency Andina reported.

On Sunday, authorities from the national meteorology and hydrology service Senamhi in Loreto measured the water level and found that it was at 105.6 meters above sea level, which is 8cm higher than the day before.

The increase is largely due to rains in the region which have increased water level in the Marañón River, a tributary of the Amazon.

The rains are located in the Alto Amazonas province as well as in southern Loreto and Ucayali department.

Concerns over the decrease in the Amazons water level were reported in early September. On Oct. 9, the river reached its lowest historical point measuring 105.38 meters above sea level.

The decrease resulted on delays for the delivery of goods to Peru’s largest jungle city, Iquitos. The Amazon is the main means of transportation to Iquitos.

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